"The Open Road" Copyright 2015 Doug Daulton
Welcome to the home of my Project 365.  Not sure what that is? Photojojo has a pretty solid overview.  In a nutshell, Project 365 is a way for an artist to grow and learn by committing to creating new art once a day, for a full year.  It began with photography and has been adapted by other creative disciplines since.  My 365 is photography.

What are the rules?  There really is only one: post something original each day. Some methodologies call for carrying taking a processing a new photo each day and, I’ll admit that is probably the best use of the 365 project to force growth in a photographer.  However, I have work and family constraints that make that scenario, if not impossible, highly unlikely.  In addition, I have a huge back catalog of unprocessed images from the last five years of traveling the globe for work and fun.  I need to find the best images of the bunch and assemble them as a portfolio.

With that in mind, here are the goals of my 365 project.

  1. One new image posted each day.
  2. Newly made images will have been processed and posted within the week they were shot.
  3. Initially, I am shooting for a 2:5 ratio of new:back catalog images. As the back catalog is cleared, the ratio will start to favor newly made images.
  4. As my initial focus is clearing my back catalog, new images will not be shot within subject themes (e.g. wildlife, portraiture) or technical constraints (e.g. 50mm, slow shutter).
  5. Once, the back catalog is cleared, I will start working on monthly, if not weekly, photographic theme designed to push me to do one or more of the following:
    • Develop a new technical skill (e.g. strobes, sound/light triggers).
    • Explore a new subject theme (e.g. astral bodies, pets, silhouettes).
    • Fill a hole in my portfolio.
  6. Coming from video production, I reserve the right to use video projects as 365 posts. Video posts will fall within the same constraints listed above.

So, there you have it. I am looking forward to this journey. If you are a friend or new follower, I look forward to your comments and critiques of the photos I post.

Warm Regards,