I am a storyteller who uses words, images and video to educate and express ideas about my craft, my community and the future of both. In doing so, I always strive to uphold the common principles of ethical communication … honesty, fairness and transparency.

In short, I own my words. Even if I occasionally have to eat them.

Advertisers, Affiliates & Sponsors

This site generates revenue through advertising, sponsorship and affiliate websites. If you click on a link that leads to a product or service offered at another website, you should assume that it generates revenue, usually in the form of a small commission from the vendor. In every case, your price for the item or service is no different than if you made your purchase independent of our links.

As a rule, I do not link to affiliate products or services strictly for revenue. If I feel strongly enough about a product to create an affiliate link, I depend on that product in my daily work and feel it would serve you equally well.

I do not sell editorial or advertorial content on this site. On occasion, friends and peers may offer a “guest blog” on this site. In those instances, I hold guest authors to the same standards to which I hold myself.

Loaner Gear & Trial Software

Manufacturers often send me equipment and trial software to review or test. On occasion, I may chose to write about my experience with said gear or software. When I do so, it is because I believe the subject warrants coverage and commentary — not because it was sent to me for review.


I have an investment portfolio which holds individual stocks. Generally speaking, my investment interests follow these broad themes: Alternative Energy, Industrials and Technology. My portfolio changes fairly regularly. In lieu of listing current holdings, when I write about a product or service offered by one of my holdings, I disclose that fact within said post.


I am a firm believer in intellectual property rights. Where appropriate, I provide links, cite sources, and credit inspiration relative to my work. Unless otherwise noted, I hold the copyright to all text, images and video present on this site.

Confidentiality and Privacy

At times, I am privy to industry news and trends, often well in advance of public announcements. In these cases, as a principle, I respect the confidentiality of my sources. Many of my clients/subjects are “high profile” (e.g. actors, professional athletes, political leaders). Regardless of their celebrity, I respect the personal privacy of my clients and their families.


I am not perfect, far from it. Despite my best efforts, I may step on the odd toe, tweak the occasional nose or otherwise aggravate people. For this, please accept my apologies in advance.

If you feel I am wrong, please challenge my assumptions with your own and lets have a conversation that helps us both learn and grow. When doing so, please be polite and respectful. I promise to do the same.

Other Channels

In addition to this site, I occasionally produce content for other media outlets and post interesting links to my various social media channels (e.g. Twitter, Google+, Facebook). When posting elsewhere, I hold myself to the same ethical guidelines outlined here.


I will update this page as new issues and questions arise. As a result, this page may change without notice.