The Curtain falls on Henry V

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For strike, Jay (my buddy) and I took charge of the storage space, making sure that items were correctly and appropriately stored. It also involved a fair amount of heavy lifting.

Really? All I recall is Drew shooting the proverbial shit while everyone else worked their backsides off. 😉

In all seriousness, Drew worked hard that evening. All of us did. That said, I am told it was a relatively light strike; as our set was rather spartan as sets go.

As chronicled elsewhere in this blog, Henry V was my first theater experience and it was a joy. From the first fight call to last call at the last cast party, I had nothing but fun. Everyone was wonderfully supportive of this first-timer and I made friendships which I am sure will carry forward.

I just realized, it is Friday night and I do not have fight call.

/me gets a little misty.

I have intentionally decided not to blog about Henry V for at least two weeks. I want to let the experience sink in; particularly in light of the war in Iraq. Until then.

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