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Re: Journal – by burrows
William Gibson just stopped blogging [], stating that informal blog/journal writing gets in the way of writing fiction.

Is there a conflict for you between maintaining your journal and writing fiction? How do you manage your time / ideas / approach, in order to stay active in both?

Neil [Gaiman]:
I’ve enormously enjoyed the immediacy of having the blog. In some ways it sort of bypasses established promotional and advertising systems. It means that, for example, if I’m giving a talk or doing a signing, many of the people who would have wanted to know this, know it. So while Steve Martin and I were both headlining at New York Is Book Country, and his face was on the ad material, mine was the talk that sold out. And if he had a blog, and blog readers, and so on, like I do, his would have sold out as well. It also means that I have several hundred thousand people cheerfully being some kind of a knowledge pool, for when I need to know things (especially techie things, which are always very mysterious to me) and more questions always being sent in than I could ever answer.

I found this snippet really interesting. It is very telling about the power of the blog/online journal. Not only can blogs be a non-intrusive, opt-in marketing tool (intended or no); the medium also provide an unprecedented means of two-way communication between artists and thier audiences. This recipriocal and potentially symbiotic exchange has tremendous potential.


  1. Hello hello Doug! Many thanks for the shout-out for our film, and if you’re in Boston on December 20, come down to the Somerville Theatre for a special screening of Sex, Lies & Superheroes. Also, we’ve got about 10 screenings coming up in 2004 across the nation through the various scifi and comic cons – all will be posted on our web site soon!

    Kind regards, and hope the film is as much fun to watch as it was to make!


  2. Constantine,

    My pleasure. I am always glad to spread the word about quality projects. Any plans for a Las Vegas screening? If so, I am there.


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