NAB in the Rearview Mirror

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The last week has been an exhausting sprint, beginning with the arrival of the LiveU box on my doorstep last Friday and ending with the Pixel Corps Q&A stream this evening. Along the way, both LiveU and uStream have been very supportive partners in the process. The “live” team is off for a little R&R (sort of) early tomorrow morning, then I get some down time with my family before the long drive to San Francisco next Tuesday or Wednesday. Everyone at the Pixel Corps has been most gracious and welcoming to the newest noob on the block! Thanks!

The fun starts next Thursday in earnest. I cannot say much more because not everything has been confirmed just yet, but if everything comes together as planned, you might here a little fanboy squeal from me late next week all the way from San Francisco. Those who know me well know just how hard it is to get such a reaction from me. So, you know it has to be something awesome. And, then on Sunday the 25th, I step on to my first feature film set.

I’ve learned so much is just these last few days, that I know my future projects would be 100% better if the PXC plug was somehow pulled tomorrow. So, I can only imagine how much my mind is going to be blown over the next 2 months.

Now, I am off to bed. First call is 6:45AM tomorrow. There are large engines involved. So, I need my shut eyes.



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