First Live Stream from A Working Film Set

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Doug Daulton, Pixel Corps Camera Operator. Photo by Tom Anderson

Doug Daulton, Camera Operator. Photo by Tom Anderson

This past weekend, everyone on the set of Martin Rosenberg’s new supernatural thriller found out that we were making movie history. While many other films have had crews on hand for “behind the scenes” footage, no other production maintained live video streams throughout the course of the shoot.

As the principal camera operator and stream “wrangler” for the Pixel Corps crew, it was my job to keep the signal alive, but I had a lot of help, starting with Carolyn Stampeen, our Producer for the shoot. Carolyn managed every detail of our shooting with great professionalism. Kevin Hansen also ran camera for two nights. Suzanne Llewellyn set up and ran interviews and coordinated press coverage, Tom Anderson was invaluable in many roles, not the least of which was sound and John Riley provided key logistical support back at the office. In addition to shooting video for the stream, we also shot many stills and some of HD footage that may be later used by the film makers and in future Pixel Corps challenges.

While none of us set out to make movie history, this experience just goes to show what can happen when you work hard at things you love. Everyone on the Pixel Corps crew owes a big thank you to Martin Rosenberg, his co-producers Peter Adams, Peter Bailey & Rod Hartzog, our boss & mentor Alex Lindsay, the cast & crew of the film and the staff of Preston Castle. This has been an amazing experience and we are glad to have been a part of it.

UPDATE: Peter Adams tells me the project now has a title: “Preston Castle”. I look forward to seeing the finished work.


  1. Ohhhh! That’s pretty sweet! What’s the name of the the movie again? I’m so putting this in wikipedia!

    1. Author

      The film has no name yet. Stay tuned for an update! It was filmed at Preston Castle in Ione, CA.

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