GMT Motion Graphics

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My first work as an intern for the Pixel Corps was as the streaming camera operator at NAB 2010. The segments shot at that show are being used to relaunch Gear Media Tech on With that in mind, it is fitting that my first real post-production work be on the same show.

The first day in the office, I transferred and reviewed all of the EX-1 footage and began digital capture of all of the HV30 footage. With all of the footage in hand, it was my job to organize the segments into related chunks and create a production plan to get the show out the door. Along the way, we realized we need to rebuild all of the motion graphics (open, close and lower thirds) and related sound design. That task also fell to me. The results can be seen in the footage above and the subsequent episodes of GMT in the pipeline.

Credit for the 3D logo design belongs to McKay Hawkes, a talented 3-D artist on the Pixel Corps staff. Working with his logo, I created all of the remaining assets myself with input from fellow intern, Vlad Korishev. Using Soundtrack Pro, I also built all of the audio tracks found in the open and the close. That was a lot of fun and far less intimidating than it appeared at first.

I’ve built such assets from templates in the past, but this was the first motion graphics project I developed completely from scratch. I learned a lot and am looking forward to working on more complex projects down the road.

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