Starting Project 365:2010

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Click here to see my complete Project 365 set on Flickr

365:028a - Hyde Pier Dusk

In TWiP 143, Alex Lindsay chats with his sister, Jenn Stein about the their growth and history as photographers. During the show, they discussed Project 365, which both Jenn and their brother Joe Lindsay are doing this year. I found the idea really intriguing, but was not sure how to proceed.

Yesterday, as I wrapped up another busy week at the Pixel Corps, I ended up chatting with Joe about his experience with Project 365 and I realized … I’ve already been doing the most important part. I am taking my camera with me everywhere I go. A few weeks ago, I got a BlackRapid RS-7 strap, which allows me to keep the camera close at hand while keeping it secure. Since then, I’ve taken the camera with me to work everyday.

As a result, I discovered that I already had the first twenty-eight days of my own Project 365. So, I spent some today getting caught up and creating the set on Flickr. As busy as I am right now, I doubt I’ll be able to post every day, but I will shoot everyday and add try to post the photos in batches every week or so here, on Flickr and maybe on Facebook as well. I am looking forward to experience, especially the critiques of more seasoned photographers.

PS: Family & Friends – Let this serve as a warning that you are likely to be come a subject in this project. Don’t be bashful!

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