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I have had the good fortune to freelance for Alex Lindsay in a variety of roles since 2008. The playlist above includes most of my work on “Gear Media Tech” (GMT), a podcast covering the various tools used by production professionals. Working with Alex, Liana Lehua and I generally planned our show coverage by walking the the floor on the first day of the show to gather interesting stories. After comparing notes, Liana would layout the flow for our shooting days.

On shooting days, the three of us would hustle from booth to booth, capturing the clips which would form the episodes. As Line Producer, Liana moved us from target to target, adjusting the schedule as needed. I ran camera (Sony EX-1) which was generally attached to a LiveU unit to stream live from the floor.

At the end of a shooting day, everything got a minimum of two backups which went home to the office in San Francisco. While I was in the Bay Area, I managed post-production, assembling the clips into cohesive shows and supervising the interns who were cutting the show.

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