And, they are off …

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Today marks the start of an epic run of production work. In a few hours, I head off to San Francisco for three days of prep for shoot in Paris, France next week. We are in Paris for four days of setup, testing and then the shoot. From there, we head back to San Francisco. Within 48 hours of landing, we prep shoot in Santa Clara, prep, pack and hop a plane to Tokyo, Japan for a week.

I am excited about every stop on the trip, especially Tokyo, which never disappoints. Sadly, I won’t have much free time to visit friends. If I am lucky, I’ll get to grab the 5DMKII and head to the Tsukiji fish market for a sashimi breakfast and some colorful photography subjects.

The work is great — exciting and challenging. I really enjoy the team. The travel, while exciting, is taxing on my family. I miss them. They miss me. You get the picture. But, Kelly is a real trooper and I am a lucky man.

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