And, we are back …

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The epic run is done and it was quite the adventure.

Paris was a big success. The new gear really exceeded expectations. Nine streams and a 720p H264 record … at the same time … and the Elemental Live barely broke a sweat. Of course, great food and drink were enjoyed, but I had no time to pick up the best macaroons in the world.

The journey home was interesting. On the tarmac at CDG, the pilot told us we did not have enough fuel to make it all the way to IAD. No worries. We made a fuel stop at Goose Bay AFB, a Canadian Air Base in Labrador. With nothing more than a quonset hut, fuel tanker and lots of snow in sight, it looked like the set of “The Thing. Aside from the delays, the rest of the trip was uneventful.

Tokyo was, as always, a treat. The shoot there went well. I got to shoot with Joe Lindsay, which is always an education. Post had some hiccups as I put a new Compressor setting through it’s paces and had a late night as a result. We delivered on time and the client was happy, which is all that matters. Unfortunately, the late night made a trip to the Tsukiji fish market a non-starter. Akihabara also had to wait. Oh well, next time Tokyo.

Coming home was a the best. Hugs from Kelly, Finn and Cole always make the long haul worth it.

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