SHORT FILM: Sarah Jane

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Working on second draft of a short I plan to shoot soon.

Recently, I’ve been knocking around ideas for shooting a short film. As I ticked through the list, I referred to Dov Simens’ lessons to help me narrow the field. Here are the criteria I used.

  1. All one camera setups.
  2. Uses sets/settings which are readily available.
  3. No effects, special or practical.
  4. No more than three actors.
  5. No more than three shooting days.

Walking to my terminal at JFK, the pieces started coming together. An idea I had earlier rejected as somewhat trite took on new life as, using Simens’ rules, the story was stripped down to its essence. As soon as I hit my seat on the plane, I pulled out my laptop. Four hours later, as I landed in Vegas, I had a pretty solid first draft.

“Sarah Jane” is the working title. It is a genre piece, mostly survival horror with what I hope is a novel twist. I am pretty happy with the first draft and have it out to some friend for an initial review. Not sure when I’ll get to shoot it, but I am looking forward to it.

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