20 Photographers To Follow on Instagram

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As a photographer, I find I am encouraged to shoot more by looking at the work of other talented photographers. The following is a list of the professional photographers I currently follow on Instagram.

  1. Stephen Alvarez
  2. Pamela Chen
  3. Jimmy Chin
  4. Robert Clark
  5. Melissa Farlow
  6. Ken Geiger
  7. David Alan Harvey
  8. Aaron Huey
  9. Charlie Hamilton James
  10. Ivan Kashinsky
  1. Peter McBride
  2. Joe McNally
  3. Paul Nicklen
  4. Randy Olson
  5. Matthieu Paley
  6. Cory Richards
  7. George Steinmetz
  8. Gordon Wiltsie
  9. Michael Yamashita
  10. David Yoder

All of these folks are members The Photo Society, a collection of nature/travel pros who shoot for National Geographic. You could cheat and just follow NatGeo or TPS, but I recommend you follow both the channels and the individuals.

I aspire to creating this sort of work, which is why I’ve created this initial list of folks. Later, I’ll follow up with a list of friends, peers and influences from other genres/subjects who also inspire me.

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