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The Art of Visual Story Telling with Alex Buono

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Yesterday, I attended Alex Buono‘s seminar … The Art of Visual StoryTelling. Buono, DOP for SNL Films, is responsible for some of the best short film and parodies in recent memory. Nothing that comes out of SNL Films looks like it was made for television; everything looks and reads like film. Clearly, Buono was someone from whom I could learn.

The video posted above gives one a great overview of what one can expect. But, the video does not really do the program justice. Buono packs a ton of information into the day and it never feels rushed. If you have the opportunity to attend, do so. Be sure to sign up for the evening session on “Visual Structure”. It is a lot of theory. So much so that it will be hard to take it all in, but it is very much worth the additional cost.

Eventually, you will be able to pick up DVDs which cover the entire seminar. Do so. They should provide valuable, post-event reference.

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