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On Craft and Story

In Craft by Doug

Today, I relaunch my website with a new focus. I am a storyteller. It has taken a while for me to really own that title. Lots of twists, turns and blind alleys, but I am finally there. Have I arrived? Am I finished?

No. Far from it.

My training … in school, in martial arts, in business and in media production … has taught me that no person of skill is every really finished. They are always looking for ways to do things better, which generally means simpler, with less steps and more refinement. It means saying “no” to distractions and saying “yes” to real opportunities. It means embracing craft, and not just work.

The speech above, Steve Jobs addressing the 2005 graduates of Stanford, speaks to all of this and so much more. Like many storytellers, Jobs was an inspiration to me and remains so. Don’t think of him as a storyteller? Watch any of his Apple keynotes. He is telling stories.

For now, my website primarily contains my blog, which is full of stories. Some stories are by others, mostly in the form of curated reviews, how-tos and best practices for both those behind and in front of the camera. Over time, more and more of the stories will be mine, as I begin producing original content for this site and others.

Eventually, the blog will move from the home page; replaced by my photo portfolio, video reel and bibliography. As the “story” of my craft, each is undergoing a thorough review/update. I plan to have them up in early 2014.

The blog will remain, as will the stories. And, with perseverance, the craft.