I am grateful for …

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My crazysexycool wife, Kelly. She makes every day brighter and more full of possibilities.

My healthy, smart, ornery boys. They make me smile, weep, beam with pride and check my ego at the door.

My folks and Kelly’s folks. They’ve provided an amazing foundation of love, respect and confidence on which we are building our family. And, they spoil our boys when we have to be harasses. 😀

My brother Vince and my “brothers from another mother”, Johnny Z, Kent, Bruce, John Daley (RIP), Drew, Stevebob and Neil. They know where the bodies are buried and they are not telling. 😉

My mentors, old and new, who have guided me along the path. From school, Mrs. Sandman, Mrs. Meyer, Brother Chuck, Mr. & Mrs. Hale, Ms. Mascari, Mr. Merkel, Mr. Downey, Fr. Tim, Dr. Temple. From budo, Bill, Steve, Frank & Don; Phil, Larry, Meik & Dave; Takara-san, Inomoto-san & Yoshiko Sensei. From media, Alex, Joe, Frederick and Scott.

My extended family, birth, marriage and choice (friends). Too many to name, you know who you are and I love and cherish each of you.

My insanely talented, gracious and professional colleagues and clients. Generous with their time and knowledge; the very definition of grace under pressure. Again, too many to name, but you know who you are.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. Enjoy the day with family and friends.

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