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Forgiveness Can Be A One Way Street

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I have so much respect for Soul Pancake. In an increasingly tense and seemingly negative world, they are consistently pushing out positive content which engages the minds, hearts and souls of the viewer. As I think about the sorts of projects our studio will produce, Soul Pancake is definitely a guide post.

Affection for Soul Pancake aside, this particular video is important for many reasons. On any level, personal or professional, grudges are, at best, a reminder to be wary of a particular person or company. At worst, a grudge becomes an roadblock to new relationships and, more often than not, an anchor holding us back from what we or our businesses can achieve.

No one says we should ignore the risk presented by a known bad actor. That would be foolish. But, carrying the anger and resentment of the bad act does nothing but hold us back.

We don’t know how the bad actor came to be that way and we cannot, in most cases, help them change. That has to come from within, from their own will.

The power of this short film is the idea that forgiveness does not require confrontation or engagement with the bad actor. It is a choice. Each one of us can make it and none of us need the other party to be involved.

So, forgive bad actors if your personal and professional lives. If prudent, remember the bad act, but don’t carry the anger and resentment.

Let it go.

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