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Khaleesi (Button Poetry)

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Why? Good poetry is evocative and provocative. It challenges one to think. As a result, regardless of one’s discipline, it can be a catalyst for one’s own creative endeavors.

From time to time, I will post poems that move me, like “Khaleesi” by Tonya Ingram and Venessa Marco.

Why “Khaleesi”?

This is a beautiful, powerful poem which reminds me of my early career in human services and the children & families I had the honor to serve. It is part duet and part performance art, something I’ve never seen in a poem before … which challenges me to expand my view of the medium. While the title is drawn from a Game of Thrones character, I love that the artists speak to their own lives, not the character, but use her as an indirect reference to their own emergence as strong, forthright women.

At least, that is my interpretation. Regardless. It is moving and entirely worth watching.

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